Unnecessary cataract surgery- How Dangerous Is It?

Cataract surgery is one of the most successful eye surgeries ever.  So why worry about unnecessary cataract surgery?  Simply speaking, surgery is surgery and any operation can have complications.  So if you didn’t need an operation, if you had unnecessary cataract surgery, and then had problems, you may have lost vision when you didn’t need to.

Cataract surgery is successful 98% of the time. Many of the two percent who do have problems recover good vision in time but may have to wait longer than normal or even have a second procedure.  But, there are a few out of a thousand who end up with worse vision than before the surgery. 

In  Waking up Blind: Lawsuits Over Eye Surgery, Dr. Tom Harbin  details the travails of patients who had unnecessary cataract  surgery and other abuses.  If you’re a candidate for cataract surgery, you will want to read this book before going to the operating room. If nothing else, this book will arm you with questions about eye surgery that you may want to ask your surgeon.

When Should You Consider Cataract Surgery when…

  • The best glasses no longer help and you are troubled in your day-to-day life.  (As cataracts develop, you will have to change your glasses more frequently and you won’t see quite like you want to, but not so badly that you need surgery)

When Is It Unnecessary Cataract Surgery?

  • It’s unnecessary cataract surgery when your vision is acceptable to you and not putting limits on your everyday life

If your surgeon urges you to have the operation, please remember, this is elective surgery and you should make the decision based ONLY on your inability to enjoy your visual life. Don’t take a risk when you don’t need to.  Don’t have unnecessary cataract surgery.  Read Waking up Blind: Lawsuits Over Eye Surgery  to get a full picture of the misery of patients who had unnecessary cataract  surgery and other types of eye surgery in a major academic medical center.

Interested in learning more about unnecessary cataract surgery? Get your copy of Waking up Blind: Lawsuits Over Eye Surgery today.

“Waking Up Blind: Lawsuits over Eye Surgery is a riveting, true story that reads like a novel. While my novels deal with fictional medical disasters, Harbin spins a devastating, real-life account that will make the reader forever wary of the charming, super doctor.”

—Robin Cook, Author of Coma and Outbreak

“Waking Up Blind is an astonishing book of great courage and an even greater passion for seeking—and telling—the truth.” —Pat

Conroy, Author of The Prince of Tides

“This frightening story is the must-read book of the year. I simply could not put it down, then it stayed with me long after I had turned
the last page.”

—Cassandra King, Author of The Sunday Wife